Analysis of the coefficient of unpredictable costs in the construction industry in Slovakia


  • Silvia Ďubek Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Radlinského 11, 81005 Bratislava, Slovakia
  • Stanislava Ondrášová Rosoft s.r.o., Jána Stanislava street 28A, 841 05, Bratislava, Slovakia



Civil engineering, Costs of construction equipment, Coefficient of unpredictable costs, Price development coefficient


The main vision of the article is how the current situation in the construction industry affects the cost of construction equipment in Slovakia, because during the implementation, unforeseen costs enter the costs, which are not foreseen in the planning. Current inflation in Slovakia is one of the highest in Europe. The methods used during the research were initial quantitative questionnaires. The output of these was processed using statistical methods and subsequently evaluated. The current situation requires considerable attention in the calculation of individual construction costs. As it is a very challenging process due to the unpredictable market situation in terms of inflation, the price of energy increases, which also causes the rise in the prices of materials and wages. The data obtained can be used by construction companies to calculate the construction equipment. Construction companies in Slovakia can apply the information obtained in the preparation of a quote for construction work that includes construction equipment.


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