• Pavol Kaleja Technical University of Košice, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Vysokoškolská 4, 04200 Košice, Slovakia
  • Mária Kozlovská Technical University of Košice, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Vysokoškolská 4, 04200 Košice, Slovakia



Virtual reality, marketing mix, dynamic visualizations


Virtual reality, in area of software and hardware equipment, experiencing very rapid develop worldwide. This equipment should give realistic experience to observer in virtual reality environment. Devices for control and display virtual reality environment are very important in this area. Contribution in the introductory part describes the categorization of virtual reality in construction and architecture with regard to the virtual reality tools that are widely used in marketing of development projects. These technologies radically improve communication between developers and clients, especially in the phase when the building is not built yet, but the developer has to start sell real estate (or rent it). In the case study are presented marketing tools based on virtual reality implemented for development project Paseo Grunty in Kosice.


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